• Handling Network Problems Gracefully with Alamofire

    Tags: iOS Development, Networking, Alamofire  

    Learning to gracefully handle network failures is an essential part of HTTP networking. In this post I will discuss how I use the popular networking library, Alamofire, to handle network failures in my iOS applications.

  • Getting Started with Fastlane and TravisCI

    Tags: iOS Development, Fastlane  

    Fastlane is a build automation tool for both iOS and Android developed by Felix Krause. Its tooling provides the ability to automate screenshots, run tests, manage code-signing, distribute beta builds, publish applications, and so much more. Needless to say, it is a toolset that any mobile developer should become familiar with. In this blog post, I am going to talk about how I use Fastlane and TravisCI in one of my upcoming projects.

  • Modularized, Customizable Alerts in Swift

    Tags: iOS Development, Swift  

    In iOS Development, it is frequently required to provide alerts to users. This is a code snippet that I developed that I now use in all of my applications. Feel free to use and adapt it to your needs.

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Unless otherwise mentioned in the post, all projects are side projects which I work on in my freetime on weekends and evenings, and are not affiliated with my work or employer.

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